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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all of our concerts since early March have been cancelled or – we hope – postponed. We have kept the record of all these concerts in the diary archive pages.

We hope very much to return to giving live concerts whenever this becomes possible. We have a number of bookings, and these are shown in the diary pages.

Meanwhile, our recordings on CD are available. These now comprise the twelve CDs released on the Hyphen Press Music label and two on the Coviello Classics label. All can be bought here. Note also that the Hyphen Press CDs can be bought as a set, for a special price.

August 2020

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The Grand Tour

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Sunday 29 November, 3.00 pm

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A track from our CD Élisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre: Chamber Music from the Brossard Collection (Coviello Classics COV91815): Jacquet de La Guerre’s Sonata II in B flat major, for two violins and basso continuo

From the Journal

Interview with Jaap Schröder

January 2020 – News

Jaap Schröder died on 1 January 2020, the day after his 94th birthday (he was born on 31 December 1925). Jaap was my godfather and my teacher on ‘modern’ violin during my studies at the Amsterdam Conservatoire in the 1970s. Our families lived on either side of the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. Jaap had a French wife – Agnès – and so did my father Frans Moonen, who was also a musician. Both couples had families of three girls. Some of us went to the same secondary school, the Spinoza Lyceum. We have always stayed in touch. Nicolette Moonen

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