A musical offering

Medium musical offering

Saturday 13 October, 7.30 pm

Saxon Shore Early Music: St Mary’s Church, Kenardington, Kent TN26 2NF

Johann Sebastian Bach’s Musical Offering (BWV 1079) is a late work that both looks back to the tradition in which he worked and forwards to the music of his sons. We play this dazzling piece in the context of works by Buxtehude, Bach’s esteemed elder, and his contemporary, Telemann

The music

Dieterich Buxtehude (c. 1637–1707): Sonata no. 6 in D minor for violin, viola da gamba, and basso continuo

Georg Philipp Telemann (1681–1767): Paris Quartet no. 6 in E minor for flute, violin, viola da gamba, and basso continuo

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750): The Musical Offering, BWV 1079

The musicians

(Marion Moonen flute, Nicolette Moonen violin, Reiko Ichise viola da gamba, Silas Wollston harpsichord)