Couperin: l’Art de la Danse

Medium couperin dance

Sunday 2 September, 3.00 pm

Utrecht Early Music Festival: Hertzzaal Tivoli Vredenburg, Vredenburgkade 11, 3511 WC Utrecht

We present a variety of François Couperin’s instrumental compositions in both the Italian and French styles: formal dances and character pieces, sonatas and harpsichord solo pieces. Our dancers will dance where appropriate. This is an exploration: can music be danced to, if it was not in the first place composed to be danced to? At the centre of the programme is Jean-Féry Rebel’s composition ‘Les Caractères de la Dance’, written as an interval piece for solo dancer.

The music

François Couperin (1688–1733):
From Concerts royaux and Les goûts réunis – Nouveaux concerts :
Ouverture, Grande ritournelle (Concert VIII, dans le goût théâtral )
Menuet en trio (Concert I )
Loure, Air de baccantes (Concert VIII)
Air – Air – gravement et marqué – légèrement, from Les nations: la piémontoise

Jean-Féry Rebel (1666–1747):
Les caractères de la danse

François Couperin:
Sonata La pucelle, from Les nations: la française
Courante les graces, Sarabande, from Les goûts réunis, concert IX
Chaconne, from Les nations: la française

The musicians

(Ricardo Barros dance, Gudrun Skamletz dance, Nicolette Moonen violin, Oliver Webber violin, Reiko Ichise viola da gamba, Silas Wollston harpsichord)

Booking tickets

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