‘Pachelbel and Bach’ reviewed in Early Music Today

Adrian Horsewood has reviewed our CD ‘Pachelbel and Bach’ for Early Music Today.

The Bach Players can notch up yet another resounding success in their ever inventive explorations of Johann Sebastian by juxtaposing works by other composers. Pachelbel’s ubiquitous Canon does rear its head (although shorn of its delightful companion Gigue), but here it forms part of a broader view of the composer. There is little to dislike here, and much to enjoy: the team of singers demonstrates technical brilliance and expressive force, while the instrumentalists are equally excellent, particularly in Pachelbel’s G major Partie. Invidious as it would be to single out one part of this outstanding team effort, James Gilchrist’s duet with flautist Marion Moonen in ‘Erschüttre dich’ from Bach’s ‘Was Gott tut, das ist wohlgetan’ is masterful and utterly enthralling.

Early Music Today, June–August 2012

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