Warwick Early Music Showcase

Andrew Benson-Wilson wrote about our Warwick concert, September 2004, for Early Music Review.

… Finally, as a digestive after a weekend of heavy feasting, came The Bach Players performing extracts from the Art of Fugue. This was an excellent example of just how subtle and expressive string playing can be. This was music making of the highest order, technically and musically, notably in the players’ ability to explore beyond the notes, drawing out apparently hidden gems within such a well-loved work. It was a delight to watch the obvious enjoyment of the second violin and viola at their little riffs towards the end of Contrapunctus III, for example. The concluding piece (Contrapunctus XI) was given a particularly powerful reading, exposing both its hesitancy and its contrasting confidence. A delightful way to end the 2004 Showcase.

Early Music Review, December 2004

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